air pollution control

Application: Gaseous pollutants, acidic & alkaline gases
Capacity: 1,000 to 100,000 m3/h
Application: Mist, Water Vapour, odour, fume, etc.
Capacity: 1000 up to 100,000 m3/h
Application: Fine Wet Dust
Capacity: 100,000 m3/h
Application: Coarse dusts, heavy dust loading, spark arrestor
Capacity: 1,000 to 500,000 m3/h
Application: Fine dust & fumes from various industries & processes
Capacity: 1000 to 1,000,000 m3/h
Filter area: 20 to 30,000 m2
Filter materials: Polyester, Nomex, Teflon, etc
Application: Coal-fired power plants, palm oil mills, incineration plants, cement plants.
VOC, odour & gaseous pollutants

1000 up to 100, 000 m3/h
Applications: NC Machine, CNC Lathe, Processing Machine, etc.
Arc welding, CO2 welding, mag welding, etc.
Elimination of lead smoke & fume, fume in laser marking, etc.
Equipped with
Baffle palte pre-separator, ionisator, after filter & activated carbon filter.

Removal, & cleaning of furnes, smoke, odour & oil mist.


  • Water and Cost Savings: Achieve over 30% savings in water and operational costs compared to open counter flow type.

  • Superior Heat Transfer: Cross-flow design with high-performance heat transfer fills and drift eliminators ensure guaranteed thermal efficiency.

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FIne dust & fumes from various industries & processes

1000 to 1, 000, 000 m3/h

Filter area
20 to 30 , 000 m2

Filter materials
Polyester, nomex, teflon, etc.