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CePBFO Training

Course on Certified Environmental Professional In Bag Filter Operation (CePBFO) In order to assure continuous compliance with the emission standards, air pollution control systems need to be properly operated. Proper operation and maintenance is also a requirement under the new Clean Air Regulations 2014. The key factor that ensures successful operation of bag filters is having a trained operator in charge of the operation and maintenance of the bag filters. The DOE is also in the process of regulating the competency of personnel qualified to maintain and operate control equipment as provided  under Section 7 - Air Pollution Control System of the new Clean Air Regulations 2014. Thus, there is a need for operators of bag filters and supervisors to become competent persons who are certified by the DOE. Responsibility on performance monitoring and preventive maintenance of bag filters should be entrusted only to a skilled and trained operator. DOE is providing a training program to train your operators and supervisors to be competent in operating bag filters. The emission from bag filters which are properly operated and maintained will always be in compliance with the emission standards. Regulatory compliance means avoiding any embarrassment from unexpected enforcement action arising from non compliance. Therefore enroll your operators into this unique one of its kind certification program in Malaysia which focuses on hands-on approach. A Certificate of Competency will be awarded to participants who successfully completes the course, passes the examination and submits a field training report.   Training Schedule CePBFO 2020 Training Application Form If you're interested to our training, please downlaod the application form below to join us. CePBFO Form 2020 read more
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CePSO Training

Course on Certified Environmental Professional In Scrubber Operation (CePSO) One of the main air pollution control systems widely used in the industries in Malaysia for the control of gaseous pollutants is scrubbers. To ensure proper operation and continued optimal performance, scrubbers need to be operated or supervised by competent persons. The Environment Institute of Malaysia (EiMAS) has introduced a hands-on training program to certify your operators and supervisors as competent persons to supervise the operation of scrubbers. Through this certification program, your operators and supervisors will be trained to conduct performance monitoring as outlined in the Guidance Document on Performance Monitoring issued by the Department of Environment (DOE). Training Schedule CePSO 2020 Training Application Form If you're interested to our training, please downlaod the application form below to join us. CePSO Form 2020 read more
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Anemometer (Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer)   Pitot Tube measure Air Velocity/Airflow In difficult-to-reach or tight locations where a vane anemometer wonĄŻt fit   Features: Simultaneous display of Pressure, Air Velocity or Air Flow plus Temperature +/-0.7252psi range 5 selectable units of pressure measurement Max/Min/Avg recording and relative time stamp Data Hold and Auto power off functions Large LCD display with backlighting Zero function for offset correction or measurement Store/Recall up to 99 readings in each mode read more
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NETTER -NTS Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

NETTER -NTS Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

NTS Pneumatic Linear Vibrators The pneumatic linear vibrators of the series NTS are especially suitable for conveying, emptying and compacting bulk material, due to the completely linear vibration. They are used to empty bins and as drives for conveyor and dosing troughs. A special feature of NTS vibrators is the possibility of the synchronous operation of several NTS when using a coupling kit. The vibration (sinusoidal oscillation) is produced by a freely vibrating, self-reversing piston. This oscillation supports, expedites or enables a variety of applications. NTS linear vibrators start and stop without delay in any installed position. The amplitude is adjusted by means of the optional throttle valve. An increase of the supply pressure causes a higher frequency and centrifugal force. ATEX-compliant linear vibrators of the NTS series and units with a stainless steel and plastic housing are available. Linear vibration Resistant against aggressive environmental conditions Nominal frequenies from 827 min-1 to 9,040 min-1 Centrifugal forces 32 N to 21,808 N Frequency and amplitude are adjustable separately Synchronous operation possible (NTS 350 and higher) Available in ATEX-compliant or in stainless steel read more
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