Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers

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Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers

A less commonly used thermal oxidizer technology is a thermal recuperative oxidizer. Thermal recuperative oxidizers have a primary and/or secondary heat exchanger within the system.  A primary heat exchanger preheats the incoming dirty air by recuperating heat from the exiting clean air.  This is done by a shell and tube heat exchanger or a plate-type exchanger.  As the incoming air passes on one side of the metal tube or plate, hot clean air from the combustion chamber passes on the other side of the tube or plate and heat is transferred to the incoming air through the process of conduction using the metal as the medium of heat transfer.  In a secondary heat exchanger, the same concept applies for heat transfer, but the air being heated by the outgoing clean process stream is being returned to another part of the plant – perhaps back to the process oven or furnace.

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