Air Pollution Control Equipment GCES

Air Pollution Control Equipment is designed in many different ways, shapes, and forms to bring about the cleaning of manufacturing and soil remediation air emitting processes. Over the past 50 years, environmental regulations have become stricter and technology has advanced to efficiently remove pollutants as an ‘end of the pipe’ solution. The following technologies are readily available for a custom application by GCES.

Thermal Oxidizer

Carbon Adsorbers/Solvent Recovery Systems

VAM CH4 Oxidizer

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers ĘC Afterburners

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)

Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers

Aqueous RTO

Catalytic Oxidizers (CATOX)

Vapor Combustion Units (VCUs)

Portable Oxidizers

Maximizing Use of Waste Heat


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